Today, we are proud to announce that Nadia Rajaram, an epidemiologist/statistician from Cancer Research Malaysia has been selected to represent her work at the American Association of Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting 2016, scheduled for mid-April in New Orleans, USA.

Since its inception in 1986, the AACR Annual Meeting Scholar-in-Training Award program has provided more than 4,700 grants to young investigators and has received support from more than 40 cancer research foundations, corporations, individuals, and other organizations dedicated to the fight against cancer.

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Nadia will be presenting her work focusing on the determinants of mammographic density as a bio-marker of breast cancer risk. This encapsulates the factors that can explain the differences in mammographic density between Caucasian and Asian women, which, hopefully will lead to understand why breast cancer risk is so different across different groups of women, and eventually, how prevention strategies that would best benefit Malaysian women can be tailored.

Nadia has been awarded the AACR-Susan G. Komen ® Scholar-in-Training Award in the amount of USD2000! Scholar-in-Training Awards are highly competitive and are presented to those with the best scored abstracts from a large applicant pool. The Award recognizes outstanding young investigators like Nadia for their meritorious work in breast cancer research.

Congratulations Nadia!

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