Recent Achievement:

1) Young Investigator Award at International Anatomical and Biomedical Science (IABS) conference – August 2015

VITHYA VELAITHAN (DD) was awarded for her work on validating novel compounds from Malaysian biodiversity that have potential as inhibitors of Notch signaling.

2) Best poster at KConFab 2015 , NSW, Australia

LEE SHEAU YEE (Familial Cancer Group)

KConFab brings together geneticists, clinicians, surgeon, genetic counsellors, psychosocial researchers, pathologists and epidemiologists from all over Australia and New Zealand who believe the causes and consequences of familial predisposition to breast cancer can be understood only by a concerted national effort at both the basic and clinical level.

Sheau Yee_MGC11

3) Malaysian Genetics Congree

LEE SHEAU YEE (Familial Cancer Group)

For her work in analysing the impact of BRCA genetic testing on psychological distress and cancer worry in relatives from BRCA1&2 families

Awarded at the 11th Malaysian Genetics Congree (MGC11) – Aug 2015


4) The YSN-ASM Young Investigator Award

YSN-ASM Young Investigator Awards are awarded to promising young scientists below the age of 40 in the areas of the sciences (biology, chemistry, physics, medicine and engineering). Individuals are identified through presenting their work at local conferences.


For her work in establishing important models that will help us understand how normal cells become cancerous

Awarded at the 40th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Malaysian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (MSBMB) – June 2015

5) 4th Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Research Day

CHAI SAN JIUN (NPC Research Group)

Best oral presentation award on her work regarding the cross utility of FJX1 and MAGED4B peptide vaccines in treating head and neck cancer patients. On 1 March 2015, at University Malaya.