NPC Current Research & Programme

Radiotherapy is effective against early stage of nasopharyngeal cancer (NPC); however, over 70% of cases presented with late stage disease, principally as a result of the non-specific symptoms and the difficulty of examining the nasopharynx clinically. The goal of the NPC team at Cancer Research Malaysia is scientific excellence aimed at improving our most basic understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying disease initiation and progression, and to use this knowledge to develop markers for the early detection of NPC and novel therapeutic approaches for prevention and treatment. To this end, our goal aims to develop robust model systems of NPC pathogenesis as well as deciphering the full NPC transcriptome to learn the nature of the genes that get altered in this disease process.

Reversing the who might develop NPC in Malaysia, reversing to make NPC the least common cancer in Malaysia, reversing to make NPC easily treatable.