We’re featured FULL PAGE, on Sin Chew Daily, last Sunday. It was in chinese so our team who are really exited to part of the article, translated it for everyone to read! Thank you so much to Sin Chew Daily for the article.

Readers will learn more about cancer and genetic testing after reading this piece.

Some excerpt from the article:

Did you know?

Angelina Jolie, an American Hollywood star, was found to have breast cancer risk up to 87% and ovarian cancer risk up to 50% due to carry an inherited BRCA1 mutation. Her mother, grandmother and aunt were passed away by cancer, and she is the high risk individual of getting breast and ovarian cancers. In 2013, she decided to have prophylactic bilateral mastectomy to lower her risk of cancer. Two years later, she also removed her ovaries and Fallopian tubes to prevent cancer.

Inherited cancers may be arose from the mutated gene passed on from ancestry. However, the high risk individual can be identified from the genetic testing to predict the cancer risk. Breast, ovarian, prostate and certain cancers can be caused by genetic factors, and genetic testing is an early prevention for cancer apart from routine screening.

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