Cancer Research Malaysia offers the Shimadzu Preparative HPLC machine on rental (per day basis) to all the researchers who would like to perform compound isolation and purification at the preparative scale. The machine rental charges according to the cumulative days of usage (as shown below) and it is exclusive of columns, HPLC grade solvent, syringe and filter for sample preparation.

Preparative HPLC machine rental charges:

1-5 Days:           RM 110/day
6-10 Days :        RM 100/day

Terms and conditions:

  • 1 week booking in advance is needed
  • Machine rental for part of a day is considered a full day charge
  • Prices are exclusive of columns and solvents (Please bring own column, HPLC grade solvent, syringe and filter for sample preparation)

Payment method: Cheque only
For machine availability and further enquiry, please contact: with attention to Mdm Norazwana Samat or call +603-2712 3224