Day and Date: Saturday 15 April 2017
Time: 7.00 AM
Venue: Taman Subang Ria, Subang Jaya (MAP)


1) Participants are divided into 2 categories:
  • Dashers (run participants: individuals, teams of 4; walkers)
  • Splashers (volunteers who will soak the Dashers, see rules for Splashers below)
2) Run it. Walk it. Either way is fine. Runners will start first, followed by Teams and ends with Walkers.
3) The registration fee for a Dasher is RM50 per person (GST inclusive). Dashers below the age of 13 participate for free but they will not be given a Race Kit.
4) Dashers will be required to complete 3 laps around Tasik Subang Ria, which will be approximately 3 kilometers in distance.
5) The first one hundred (100) Dashers that successfully complete the run will be awarded a medal. Dashers will be cooled along the run by the Splashers using water balloons.
6) Dashers who have crossed the finish line will become Splashers and can join in the fun.
7) Dashers are encouraged to wear costumes and goggles - the goofier and more outlandish, the better. Prizes will be awarded for best costumes.
8) Splashing is a job for kids! Kids from our community are invited to come down and join the splashing! Splasher rules:
  • Application as Splashers is not opened yet. Please check out our facebook page regularly for updates at FB @CancerResearchMalaysia
  • There is no fee to be a Splasher - parent or guardian must simply complete a Splasher Liability Release form and bring it to the event.
  • Children 12 and younger only. Older children should consider dashing!
  • Splashers must check in with a parent, and parents must sign a liability waiver.
  • Splashers can bring their own Super Soaker, water guns, pre-filled water balloons or other splashing gear.
  • Water balloons and water for splashing devices will be available at the Run.
  • Dashers who prefer to stay dry should wear red, and carry a white hanky, cloth or flag. Wave your white as you run by the Splashers to show you've already surrendered. Splashers will be instructed to avoid hitting you!
1) Each participant must agree to the disclaimer and these terms and conditions before participating in the event. All participants take part at their own risk and a disclaimer waiving all claims against Cancer Research Malaysia and any party acting on its behalf must be completed by all entrants.

2) Participants are responsible for their recognition and understanding of event signage, symbols and colour relating to participant maps, facilities and direction.

3) Medical personnel authorised by the event to do so may examine any participant who appears in distress. If in the sole opinion of authorised medical personnel it is in the best interest of the participant’s health and welfare, medical personnel can remove the participant from the event.

4) Participants are responsible and assume liability for any and all medical expenses incurred as a result of training for and/or participation in the event, including but not limited to ambulance transport, hospital stays, physician and pharmaceutical goods and services.

5) Event officials reserve the right to delay, cancel, alter the route or suspend the event due to inclement weather and/or emergencies. No refund will be issued in these circumstances.

6) By taking part, all participants confirm that they are happy for their names and any footage or photographs taken during their participation in Splash & Dash to be used to publicise any Cancer Research Malaysia events.

7) Entries are transferable. In the event that a participant is not able to attend, his or her entry may be transferred to another upon notifying event officials during registration.

8) Participants must follow instructions as given from all event officials including race staff, volunteers, medical personnel, security officers and city officials throughout the duration of the event.

9) All participants are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner during their participation in the event. Anyone violating this rule of conduct shall be disqualified from the event and will be asked to leave the course.

10) Every participant shall be provided with a run bib number, which shall be conspicuously worn on the front during the event. The run bib number is to be worn as issued and is not to be modified in any way, form or manner. No participant shall be permitted to participate in the event without the appropriate bib number.

11) All participants agree to our privacy policy when they enter Splash & Dash, purchase a product on the shop, sign up as race crew or volunteer, or sign up to our e-newsletter. For full policy, read here (Our Privacy policy and PDPA)

Venue: Taman Subang Ria, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Latitude and Longitude: 3.081479, 101.597713

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Taman Subang Ria, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

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We would like to thank our sponsors and partners, who all make this event not only possible, but fun and cool and fun!