Starting today: AUG 14 until AUG 28, 2017, in collaboration with Scientific Malaysia,  we will be participate in i an “Ask Us Anything” session on their website/forum. This is in conjunction with their upcoming issue of Scientific Malaysian Magazine, which will be focusing on Cancer.

Register and start posting your question here:

The panel will consists Prof. Dr Cheong Sok Ching, Senior Group Leader, Head and Neck Cancer Research, Dr. Muhammad Mamduh Zabidi, Post-Doctoral Scientist, Breast Cancer Team and Nur Tiara Hassan, Assoc. Genetic Counsellor, Familial Cancer Research Group.

Throughout this AMA session, registered members of Scientific Malaysian will have the opportunity to post questions to the panel. Please post your questions below or vote for existing questions posted by other members! Questions will only be accepted until August 28, 2017.