Below is the full text from Mr Zack Hamid’s press release who recently visited us after undertaking a solo run to fund-raise for cancer research.

Zack Hamid aged 63 a former banker and a cancer survivor completed a 15 km solo run in Lumut recently. He raised RM17,850 from various individual donors to fund cancer research.

The proceed was channeled to Cancer Research Malaysia. However the cost of the run was entirely borne by Zack himself. This gave assurance to donors that the funds will be not misused.

“I have been planning for this run for almost 1 year. Originally it was meant to cover 240 kilometers to be participated by cancer survivors. It was a relay run that will take 5 days. Unfortunately due to unavoidable reasons it was aborted after all grounds preparations had been completed.”

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Instead of feeling frustrated he thought he should proceed to do the Run alone on a smaller scale but still meeting its objective.

” Other than raising funds I wanted to increase awareness of cancer survivors particularly  prostate cancer.  Unlike say breast cancer there is less publicity about prostate cancer”.

“The run showed that survivors can not only lead a normal life but an awesome life too. For a man of my age to attempt to run 15km and raise money for cancer research is indeed a great achievement for all other cancer survivors. ”

According to Zack the training was hard and time consuming but support from donors made him pushed himself day in and day out and preserver.

He has more stories and his next project will be to write a book on his experience. It will be for charity and all costs for publication will be borne by him.

In 2016/17 Zack is also planning to do more runs for charity. But this will depend on raising funds and getting the necessary ground handlers including police escort. When asked further the distance of the run he said “may be 20km but I hope  I will be mentally and physically ready for the task. I pray I will get the sponsors and the authorities support.”

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Dated : 26th Jan 2016

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