Our internship programme is a great way for undergraduate and graduate students to gain a unique insight into the cancer research and charity sector. Throughout the 10-week duration (exceptions apply) of the internship, students will have the opportunity to:
Enhance their scientific knowledge
Gain professional experience
Obtain hands-on research
(only applicable in some projects)
Interact with faculty, postdoctoral
fellows, and graduate students
Attend group meeting sessions to learn
about in-progress projects
Present their research at a special
session at the end of the training
The application will be reviewed in a 90-day cycle (four times a year). Your application will be processed after the application submission deadline of each cycle. The shortlisted candidates will be contacted within four weeks from the deadline.

The deadlines are as follows:
Review Cycle Application Submission Deadline
1 31 January
2 30 April
3 31 July
4 31 October
If you’re a motivated individual with a CGPA (or equivalent) of 3.5 and ready to make a difference, we want you!
Send us your application and begin building your experience.

Q: I have applied! What should I expect next?

A: Only 10% of the applicants are shortlisted for an interview, and only 3-5% can secure a placement for each cycle. Read about our selection criteria and more on what to expect here.

Q: How many interns/trainees are accepted per cycle?

A: With our limited capacity, we are only able to accept 5-10 interns/trainees per cycle.

Q: How will I know if I am selected?

A: HR will contact the shortlisted candidate for an interview session with the Internship Committee within four weeks of the application deadline.

Q: Can I receive feedback on my application?

A: Unfortunately, due to the high volume of application, we are unable to provide individual feedback for all applicants.

Q: Is it worth applying again if I am not selected for this cycle?

A: Yes! We encourage you to apply for future cycles as our needs and available positions change over time.

Q: What if I am not selected for an internship?

A: You may consider volunteering with us. Volunteering can provide valuable experience and insight into our work, and it may improve your chances in future application cycles. Please apply here.

For any further enquiries, please email hr@cancerresearch.my