The unfortunate reality is that developing new drugs from scratch is too costly and risky — which is why we look to repurpose drugs.
We hope to dedicate ourselves to drug discovery one day. In the meantime, drug repurposing allows us to shorten the time and cost it takes to bring these drugs to the patients who need them.

How we’ve made a difference

  1. Registered 3 patents for our work and, more recently, found a series of compounds that were developed to improve the solubility of a natural product supplement. It can also block the development of blood vessels to the tumour, potentially starving cancers of the nutrients they need to grow.

What we’re doing now

  1. We are working on turning the above discovery into new treatments for patients.
  2. Ms Gan Chai Phei and her team of researchers are working on ways to repurpose drugs for the treatment of oral and nasopharyngeal cancer.
  3. Puan Mimi Ismail and her team are working on testing whether drugs can be repurposed to reduce the side effects of cancer treatments.