1. Post-Doctoral Research Scientist (Head and Neck Cancer)
The Post-doctoral Research Scientist will be the lead member of the Head and Neck Cancer Research team and will be working within the team to drive the development of immunotherapy for the treatment of head and neck cancer.
The researcher will be responsible in identifying novel essential genes in both premalignant and malignant lesions of head and neck cancer; design and develop vaccine candidates and validate the vaccine candidates using both in vitro and in vivo models. In addition, the researcher will work with the Team Lead to develop the translational pipeline to enable our immunotherapeutic drugs to go into clinic.
More details on the position: (Download PDF file) Interested candidates should send their application through the application form here.


The mission of the Patient Navigator Programme is to develop a structured programme for addressing barriers faced by cancer patients in accessing care. In the short term, this will include the development of a decision aid, an educational tool to help patients make decisions regarding their care, e.g. choice of surgery, when to have treatment, etc. In the longer term, we aim to train and deploy patient navigators/ breast care nurses in collaboration with established cancer treatment centres to assist patients in their journey through breast cancer.
The vision of this Patient Navigation Programme is to improve survival and quality of life of Malaysian cancer patients by reducing the barriers that cancer patients face in accessing care
1. Nurse Navigator
The Nurse Navigator will be responsible for helping and supporting breast cancer patients and their families to navigate and access healthcare services. He/she will provide support and services to address barriers to health resources, and will monitor the follow up care of the patients. The Navigator works within a clinical team of healthcare professionals at the hospital- based Patient Navigation Centres to ensure breast cancer patient complete their diagnostic and treatment protocols.
Download more info of the position here. (PDF file) Interested candidates should send their application through the application form here.


Internship Opportunities

Cancer Research Malaysia is committed to training the next generation of cancer researchers and accepts undergraduate and graduate students for training under its industrial training/internship programmes. During the training period, students will have the opportunity to:
  • enhance their scientific knowledge;
  • gain professional experience;
  • obtain hands-on research experience;
  • interact with faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students;
  • attend group meeting sessions to learn about in-progress projects at Cancer Research Malaysia;
  • present their research at a special session at the end of the training.
We are looking for motivated individuals who have CGPA (or equivalent) of 3.5 and above. The training period should be at least 10 weeks (exceptions apply).
Please apply to us by filling up the application form here.
Applications will be reviewed 4 times in a calendar year. The review cycle is as follows:
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Only successful candidates will be notified, within one month from the date of application deadline.


Volunteers are vital to us. Without people offering their time and support, we couldn't raise the money we need to fund our research to advance new treatments for cancer patients.
Join us for the fight against cancer!
If you're interested to help in any kind of capacity, please fill in the form below: