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Current openings
Community Outreach Unit

Project Manager

The Community Outreach Research Unit collaboratively develops intervention programmes to promote early detection and improve access to breast cancer care for women seeking treatment at Ministry of Health hospitals. The Community unit together with other research units in CRMY intends to close the gap in cancer care and our current focus is on breast cancer. The reality today is that who you are and where you live could mean the difference in cancer survival. It isn’t fair. But we can change this by developing the most effective healthcare system changes for improving survival and innovative and cost-effective tools for enabling early detection of cancer in B40 communities

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
The Project Manager is a key driver of Cancer Research Malaysia’s programmes to improve the survivorship of cancer patients, focusing in particular on the Patient Navigation Programme. The candidate needs to understand the opportunities available to improve the early detection and survivorship of cancer patients in Malaysia, and to do so in evidence-based strategies such as the establishment of new PNP centres, and the engagement of community partners to provide logistic, financial and other support for such centres. We are looking for a confident individual with an open, approachable and pleasant personality. The ideal candidate should be someone who understands the opportunities and demonstrate a strong personal commitment to the outreach cause of Cancer Research Malaysia. The candidate should also be able to embrace inclusion by reaching out and providing fair treatment to people of all backgrounds. The project manager will report to the Deputy Head of Community Outreach Unit and work closely with the Patient Navigation Programme Team in planning and implementing the Outreach Programmes with Cancer Research Malaysia’s long-term objectives in mind.

The ideal candidate would be:
  • Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in public health, applied social/behavioral science, health education, or other related discipline, with minimum 3 years working experience in project management. Prior experience in public health is an advantage but not a requirement.
  • Individuals with medical degrees with an interest in public health are also encouraged to apply.
  • Open, approachable and pleasant personality with a strong desire to work with the community.
  • Ability to identify and engage with appropriate partners and stakeholders (internal and external), build and maintain robust working relationships to ensure effective collaborations.
  • Ability to synthesize complex health information and data for internal reports and general public use.
  • Skilled in writing clear and concise reports for internal and external audiences.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
Digital Health Unit

Project Manager

Oral cancer affects more than 350,000 individuals annually, and nearly 74% of oral cancer-related deaths occur in Asians. Early detection and timely treatment improve survival. However, more than 70% of oral cancers are detected at a late stage. As a consequence, in Malaysia, 50% of our patients do not survive beyond 2 years and those who do, suffer significant morbidity and have a poor quality of life. A major challenge for early diagnosis is access to accurate and timely diagnosis, particularly in remote areas. To overcome this, we have developed MeMoSA®, an App that enables specialists to remotely provide clinical recommendations for patients with suspicious lesions, and subsequently identify those who are most at risk for appropriate management. In this project, we will develop MeMoSA® platform, incorporating an AI-driven image capture platform (MeMoSA-AICP) as an oral cancer diagnosis App that is ready for large-scale implementation. Bringing together AI experts, clinicians, scientists and policymakers, we will evaluate the impact of MeMoSA-AICP in the rural communities in Sarawak and identify pathways to impact with our clinical partners.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
The Project Manager will work closely with and report to the Deputy Chief Scientific Officer, as the key facilitator for the successful implementation of Project MeMoSA®, which will enable the implementation and evaluation of the MeMoSA® App for screening and early detection of oral cancer.

The ideal candidate would be:
  • Educated to a Master’s degree level, with relevant experience in project management
  • Proven work experience of at least 5 years
  • Experience in digital health, and implementation science would be strong advantages
  • Resourceful and able to manage partnerships with related stakeholders and businesses
  • Independent and responsible individual, able to multitask and work in fast pace environment
  • Proven capability in hands-on problem solving, with the ability to generate ideas and solutions; self-motivated and results-driven; with a genuine interest in implementing innovative strategies in healthcare
  • Transparent, positive, open, friendly and ready to help

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.