Our laboratory facility is fully equipped for all aspects of cancer research, ranging from general laboratory equipment to specialised instruments. Some of our equipment include Nanostring nCounter SPRINT Profiler, llumina MiSeq, BD LSR Fortessa Flow Cytometer, Qiagen QIAcube, Promega Maxwell RSC, Agilent Bioanalyzer, Applied Biosystems qPCR, Thermal Cycler, LEICA Cryostat, MABTECH IRIS Elispot Reader, Axio Imager Fluorescence Microscope, and LiveCell Olympus Microscope.
These equipment are available for rent on a per-day basis to researchers. Alternatively, centralised laboratory services in cell biology and molecular biology are available.

For more information, please contact Core Laboratory at or ring us up at +603 5650 9773.