How do I donate to CRMY?
Donations can be made in cash, cheque, or online. Find out more on how you can donate here.
Are donations to CRMY tax-deductible?
For donations of RM50 and above, you’ll receive a receipt for tax exemption.
How are donations utilised?
At least 90% of the donations are allocated for research.
Is my donation refundable?
All donations are non-refundable. Donations allow our scientists to work on various impactful research projects to close the care gap. Your giving helps us go the extra mile in reversing cancer and save precious lives.
How are your donations utilised?
Your donations go towards the upkeep of facilities, infrastructure, and salaries. Research is solely funded by grants and donations from you!
How else can I support CRMY?
You can participate, advocate, and volunteer! You can organise a fundraiser, volunteer your time or even share our social media posts to help raise awareness.
How do I volunteer and what can I do?
There are many different areas that you could help us out in. Please volunteer by completing our online form so we can get to know you better.
Are there any vacancies at CRMY?
Look out for our job openings here! Or follow us on LinkedIn for the latest updates.
How do I sign up as an intern at CRMY?
Please visit our Internships page and submit your application online.
Can I invite CRMY to give a health talk at my event / organisation?
Yes. Please email us and we’ll work it out together.
Can I visit CRMY’s laboratories?
Yes. Please email us and we’ll work it out together.