Cancer Research Malaysia
We are an independent and non-profit cancer research organisation based in Malaysia. Funded by donations and research grants, we conduct research in niche cancers often found in our Asian population.

Cancer — the big ‘C’ — continues to be a stigma, only spoken about in hushed whispers; how it’s bad karma, how much it costs, and that nothing could be done.

Confronting this stigma head on, CRMY has been reversing this language of cancer, transforming the big ‘C’ to a little ‘c’, and we plan to develop tools backed by good research to ensure that we can truly fight cancer on all fronts.

We believe that we will reverse the grip of cancer in our lives. We want researchers to win the war against cancer by turning it around with new ways of prevention and cure. We want to empower the public through impactful outreach programmes, with the hopes that Malaysians will respond differently to cancer by coming forward for screenings and going through with treatments.
Our driving force is held together by these goals:

  • Improving the survival rates of Asian cancer patients, focusing on neglected areas of research.
  • Empowering Asians to have the proper screening and treatment.
  • Improving survival rates by being more accessible, focusing on providing existing cures to patients rather than sit on inaction and potentially losing lives.
  • Making affordable and timely treatments by repurposing drugs, acknowledging the reality that developing new cures are costly and risky.
  • Putting Malaysia in the global spotlight for cancer research by collaborating with top scientists around the world, and working to nurture the next generation of Malaysian cancer researchers.
Vision & Mission
“A future free of the fear of cancer”
Through impactful research, CRMY works towards the day when cancer is a disease that can be controlled and no longer feared. As a small team with a huge vision, our values are the wheels that drive our vision. We believe that core values start with ourselves, which in Malay is “DIRI”:
  • Diligence
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Impact