Previously thought to only affect high-income earners, we now know that cancer is shifting to be a global disease.
Up to 50% of cancers are preventable. Unfortunately, while the majority of lung and skin cancers are preventable by avoiding smoking and sun exposure respectively, less is known about preventing the majority of breast, ovarian, and prostate cancers.
Asians used to have a lower risk of cancer; understanding the reasons for this devastating increment could save lives and help our future generations.

How we’ve made a difference

  1. Established the largest cohort of breast cancer patients and health controls, where >8,000 women have contributed to a study to uncover the links between diet, lifestyle, and genetic factors with breast cancer risk in Malaysians.
  2. Identified potential ways of stimulating patients’ immune systems so that their own immune system can help prevent pre-cancerous growths from transforming into cancers.

What we’re doing now

  1. Dr. Lim Kue Peng and her team are collaborating with Professor Gareth Thomas and Dr. Christian Ottensmeier at the University of Southampton in developing a vaccine for the prevention and treatment of oral and nasopharyngeal cancers.
  2. Ms. Nadia Rajaram and her team are investigating whether drinking soy milk can help reduce the risk of breast cancer in post-menopausal women.